Coated Hook Link

Matt Finish

Easy Strip

Super Strong

Abrasion Resistant

Non Split

Fugitive a été conçu pour associer un revêtement solide et facilement amovible avec tresse souple. Permet la réalisation de nombreux types de bas de ligne combinés.

20.0 9.1 ✔ ✗ ✗
30.0 13.6 ✔ ✗ ✗

✔ = Disponible  |  ✗ = Indisponible

Fugitive is a remarkable coated hook link that has been designed to allow the construction of a wide variety of combination rigs. A supple, finely woven Phantom core is covered with a easily removable coating that will steam super stiff if required. The unique Fugitive coatings are clear with a matt finish, making them look thinner and less obtrusive than solid coloured alternatives. Fugitive doesn't split and is very versatile and perfect for a wide variety of rig designs and presentation methods. A very cleverly designed product.

Couleurs: Weed

Disponible En: 10m

“The perfect combination of stiff coating with a super supple Phantom core.”